Tuesday, January 26, 2010

These photo's show the old 4 foot ramps that my Dad made for the 'blue trailer' to haul around the 350 that John is fixing for us to use this summer .. the other photo shows the car hauler in the street with a new set of ramps on the front deck to haul REX to the hills with when we need it!! I have been wanting to use the hauler and ramps for sometime now and I can't wait to use them here soon!!

I decided to move my car hauler from the "so called alley" to the street so I can use it this winter to transport REX to the cabin if I want too!! The city plows the street west of us but could care less about the access to the alley so I used REX to make a hole to move the trailer to the street! Lots of snow to come but I'm ready for It!! Bring it on!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


After I got a new battery for Becky's car it started to warm up!! I now have the numbers for my 04 truck batteries in case another cold spell shows up so I can stop that one!! Ha..Ha!!.. Well it might work twice!

No kidding it has been nice here and in Cheyenne/Rawlins/Green River as I visit all of them quite regularly here lately..

Here is photo to warm the spirits.. enjoy the intensity of one grandkid and the fear in one and the sheer enjoyment in the other as it lifts my spirits everytime I look at it!!
Gotta love being young again..

Friday, January 08, 2010


Yesterday (1/7/10) when I drove home at 4 am from work the temperature was -30 on my trucks thermometer!! It warmed up to a balmy -7 during the day.. This morning (1/8/10) it was -22 below and it has warmed up to a toasty 7 above!! My truck failed to start this morning so enough is enough!!

The weather guessers are saying -5 tonight which is warmer but it is already 35 above in Cheyenne where I will be driving to at 1am this morning to go to work!!

I sure hope it breaks soon as a new battery is ordered for the Caddy as it failed to start when Becky was at work!!

Our cruise wasn't long enough! Argggg

Monday, January 04, 2010

More photos of the winter fun we had at the cabin! The sled proved to be a challenge as both the "tube and the sled" went out of the plowed tracks to deep snow!! Only "owwie" was to Abby who decided to slide into the back of the four-wheeler when it came to a stop and her face hit the trailer hitch! A nice black eye and a new nick name for her "shiner" is all the damage that was done other than a few tears!! She was a trooper and got right back on after Gramma Beck provided some first aid and some kisses!!

Hot chocolate was needed after the day but boy it was sure fun!!

The Denver Beans decided to spend a night at the cabin in the winter to "play" in the snow! Boy did we ever.. Thanks to Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Jim who let us use their 4wheeler and innertube which provided some fun "laps" around the field!!