Sunday, May 23, 2010

My wife Becky with the help of friend Adriene got together and decided to order "us" a Beer Brewing kit to make home brew beer!! I need to go to the cabin and get some good ole "well" water to make the first batch here soon and see what the results will be in 3-4 weeks! As you can see there are lots of "parts" and "stuff" to use so all I need now is an assistant to help as it needs some time sensitive care when I start the process!! When Becky gets off her detail I will "attemt" to brew my first batch!! Stay tuned for the brewing and the results!!

Oh Boy I hope it works out and it is "reaaaaallllyyy Good"


Monday, May 17, 2010

Tinkerbell showed up with her fairy dust! Nice red shoes!!
Ever heard of looking for your marbles? Here Gramma Beck and Nora are at Great Gran's sorting them and puting them back in the jar by colors! Not sure what to make of it with multi colors but hey it kept her busy!! Thanks Gran for letting your great granddaughter touch your marbles! We appreciate it!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Here I am with my "girls"!! with these 2 checking out the diving pool it was a good thing we got them float vest and swim goggles because these girls hopefully will be competing in the olympics in the near future!!

Here are some photo's of Gramma Beck's and Gramps visit with the kiddo's to Casa Bonita in Denver during my visit to see Becky's new home away from home this weekend!

Angie the kid's beautiful Mom!
Gramma Beck with Abigail!

Dad with Ally!

The whole gang watching the cliff divers dive off the "rocks"!! Not shown is photo's of the 'star wars" light sabers that we got the girls! and I only thought 'boys' played with swords? I have a lot to learn I guess?