Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh No another post with no photo's!

Some times photos don't convey the real reason for blogs!

It has been a interesting month to say the least!

Let me explain!

My wife/partner has decided to take a job in Denver/Golden for 4 months and a real good friend has taken a job far away from Laramie to be nearer her familly ( good luck Adriene) I will miss you!!
So with all the turn around going on I can only wish upon myself a quiet spring at the cabin and the spring fishing at Rob Roy that it might bring!!

Some time change is good if it is expected and these were so the results are positive in every way!!

While it will be a challenge to keep up the home front I will truely miss both and I only hope that it will bring a new awaking to those who doubt their abilities!!

Congrats to Becky Sue and Adriene Holcolm you are appreciated and will be missed by me!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Sorry I forgot to take my camera to the cabin when Pa and I visited it today. Just an update on the snow conditions up there though it is muddy with windy conditions. Snow depth is about 2 feet on the level without figuring in the wind blown drifts! On the deck of Becky's cabin is about 1-2 feet on the south facing front with 5 foot piles on the north side of the deck where the snow slides off the roof onto the deck!

I would say off the record that this is an average snow year but hey March is the snowiest month of the year so who knows??

Hopefully I can get up there early this spring and cut down the 4 trees that are dead around the cabin.. I plan to use the winch on REX to snake them down out of harms way of the cabin this spring early!! I need the firewood btw!!

Hopefully some spring photo's here in the near future!

I am anxious to see how the "baby" trees we planted last year are doing?

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Not quite yet here in the high country of Wyoming but I wanted to let everyone know that today I saw my first Robin of the year!! Trouble of it is, it is snowing and blowing with a real nasty windchill factor outside!! We did have 3 or 4 days in which the temperature reached high enough to melt some snow.. Trouble now is it is mudsville on the road and the "lakes" around the drainage holes are huge!!

Oh well at least Mother Nature thinks spring is near so that is definitely a good sign for things to come!!

Pa and myself are headed to the cabin tomorrow to put the shower faucet back together so I will hopefully get some updated photos on how the snow levels are at Albany.

Think SPRING as we have had enough winter!!