Thursday, November 29, 2007

Been a busy couple of weeks!!

With Thanksgiving on the 22nd this year gave Becky and myself a chance to observe our anniversary/Becky's birthday by ourselves this year.. What a week we have had!! I made a trip on the railroad after being off 6 weeks with my hernia surgery and then low-and-behold here comes Becky's surgery the day after her birthday and our special day. We spent it in Fort Collins getting ready for the early appointment at the Clinic the day after !!!

We made the trip in the Gold truck on account of not being sure of the forecast that the "weather guessers" gave which was a good thing, because of some slick roads on the summit going to the appointment and high wind today coming home would have been a tad bit hairy in the car!!

We "rented" a hotel room for the stay and then we visited Johnny Carrino's for a late lunch which filled us up enough to last until after the next days surgery which started at 6 am.. It continued until 1 pm or so this afternoon!! Everything appears to have been successful with a follow-up in a couple of weeks.

Now back at home we are expecting a winter storm tomorrow night lasting until Sunday some time so it will be a good time to lay back, relax and wait till the "rat-race" begin's anew.

Hope this finds everyone fine and happy until the next update... Remember update , update, update!!! Yeah right!! Thanks Cody and Flossie I appreciate your web-site a lot and keep up the good work..


Thursday, November 22, 2007

No photo's just a Turkey day update!!!

Boy it was a chilly start to the holiday with a low of -8 or so!! It was what the weather service called "clear skies with light snow" which meant there was a severe case of frost in the air!!

Becky and myself had our T'day feast a couple of days ago account of my never gettting used to "even after 32+ years" of never knowing when I would be home!! But it looks like I will be home after my 6 weeks hiatus of recovering from my surgery so we will go to The Breazeale's homestead and feast on Grannie's and Pa" meal! As you all know by now it is more than we can eat but it sure is good and hopefully somebody will take the leftovers as our fridge is kinda full with our own!!

So with that I would like to wish all of our faithful readers a Happy Thanksgiving and as a special request when you all say your thanks today please remember the Doctor and the Nurses that have contributed to our health this year and please remember the Policemen and the Fireman that work no matter what day of the year it is!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

There are days when you are really glad you are the grandpa and not the Mom or Dad!! Our precious granddaughter Abby decided to trim her own hair yesterday!!! This is definitely a Kodak moment!! Thanks Angie for sharing your Horror and shock by sending me these great photo's!! Remember it will grow back!!!

Love you Denver Bean's

Sunday, November 18, 2007

If you look at these photos you will see how Mother nature does her logging for her!!! This is directly behind Becky's cabin about 150 feet from the back door and the Beavers have been really busy "chopping" down the aspen & willow trees.. They have created a "hut" in the middle of the new pond that they have created and as you can see they are busy storing up food for the winter that is rapidly approaching.. Amazing thing is I have yet to see one or even hear one doing all this work.. I guess they work mostly at night when we can't see or are sleeping soundly.. The South Fork of the Little Laramie River is being re-channeled by these busy little beavers so it will be interesting to see how the next spring run-off will affect their engineering.. I will update next spring and let you all know!!

This is what logging by humans looks like!! Pa, Bonnie, Kevin and his friend James have been chopping down, cleaning up "green" brush and burning it at the cabin.. With winter showing up soon hopefully they can get the Beetle infected logs cut up and hauled off the mountain!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Look Ma no coat, hat or raincoat!! Becky braved the wind and rain to view the ocean 1000 feet below. You could hear the roar clear up on the highway!!! Impressive!!!


After leaving The Bobango's house we headed to the Columbia River Gorge to view the spectacular vineyards and the river!! Along the way we stopped at the Bonneville dam to see the salmon using the fish ladders.. Alas we were late for that too but we did get to see this eel attatched to the glass and a large rainbow trout that had serious damage to it's nose!! I must appoligize for not taking more pictures to post but this being our first trip down the gorge we forgot to take any photo's. We arrived at ASTORIA, OREGON which is the oldest settlement west of the Rocky Mountains that Lewis & Clark founded.. It was a great place to have fresh Halibut & chips!!!


These photos show the house from the front entrance way with Becky and Bobbie posing just before we left for our adventure up the coast and the gorge, also Bobbie is showing us how they dry the walnut's from the 2 trees along with a view of their beautiful back yard!! While we arrived 2 weeks late to see everything in full bloom it was still impressive to view all the flower beds and the landscaping that they have. It will be a handfull to take care of but hey with the mild weather that they have year around it should be a job regardless of the weather. With a garage to house the 4-wheeler and the riding lawn mower that is(needed for the huge field) on the side this place has everything they need to maintain the house and property plus keep the new "beemer" and the harley in the garage attached to the house!!
With some fruit trees planned in the future who needs a grocery store!!! As they have a large garden plot that will grow a plentiful bounty of veggies...

During our vacation we drove up the coast of Oregon on highway 101 and "attempted" to go to the beaches along the way!! Only problem was the 'MAJOR' storm that hit that day created 60-90+ mph winds making the walking impossible!! Here you can barely see me above the grass walking to the beach but the wind and sand/mist was so strong it was impossible to walk into the wind... The waves were at least 10-15 feet high in the background..