Sunday, December 31, 2006


With Becky coming home on Tuesday I decided I best wash the vehichles (the new Duramax) which was really grungy with road grime and ice everywhere and her Grand Prix which was in the garage but had a film of grunge on it that needed to be sprayed off. I decided to brave the cold weather and temperatures (the temp with the
Duramax was 15 and the grandprix was 8, only an hour between them, the weather changed very rapidly)so I decided that you had to wipe down the door jams with a dry towel to keep them from freezing after they were parked in the driveway/garage.. The trick was using several 'dry'towels as once they absorbed some moisture they froze almost instantly.. Therefore I used all I had but hey I can at least open the door of the vehicles just in case I have to pick up Becky at the airport on Tuesday. The weather is suppose to be in our favor so cross you fingers..

Moral of this story is #1 a lot of grunge left on the vehicles is easier that the pain of getting it clean and #2 I had nothing better to do!!

Now if I can talk her into going to the cabin to unplug the fridge and get the truck grungie again which I realize will probably happen, it might be a great effort worth all the trouble and money to get this simple act of cleaning a vehicle that is destined to get dirty again and again!!


Yep the weather guesser's were right on the temperature overnight last night with the guess of -9.. The official reading at the airport (not far from our house by the way) was -9.9!!

With a beautiful clear blue sky and the temp up to a balmy 3.9 degrees it feels weeeeellllll down right chilly out!!

It is a great day to clean and watch football right!! Now if they can only invent a vacumn cleaner that makes no noise it would be a great time to vacumn!! Ha!! ha!!

Come on Denver Broncos!! Hope it as 'toasty warm in Denver as it is here!!

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Boy it is for sure bowl season on TV plus there is even a Pro game on tonight so it is almost too much*** almost is the key word there!!

It is down to -4 and who knows it might warm up the later it gets but all I know is the hairs in your nose freeze when you breathe out of it so it must be really cold...

Now with Sunday coming more football and bowl games.. Boy it is grueling!!

Yeah Haw!!


It started out as a foggy cold morning with heavy frost on the trees and the vehicles which made a really pretty picture but boy did it change!!

It got colder!!! Yep it was warmer at sunrise than it was at 10 am this morning with the temperature at a balmy -2.. To my suprise with the sunshine and the ice crystals floating in the air it didn't seem that cold so I decided to clean the chimney pipe and the ashes out of the wood stove. (Couldn't get much wood in it to keep it 'banked' for the night was one of the reasons to do it other than laziness and the constant snowfall with 20 to 30 mph winds was the other)..

With a short sleeved shirt and my trusty tennis shoes with a fairly good grippy type sole (good for crawling around on the roof with snow on it) I finished the project without a hitch.

With a low of -9 expected tonight I'm glad now I can add one more log to the fire!!

Yeah Haw!!

Friday, December 29, 2006


Not as bad as I thought but it is still enough snow to move around and try to get out of the way for the next storm.. The weather guesser's say maybe again tonight and tomorrow with Monday and Tuesday getting back to 'normal', whatever that means in Wyoming in late December and the 1st of January!! More snow and cold I guess!!

Visited with Vern and cleaned the edges of the driveway and sidewalk this morning at his house, then came home and moved some snow in the street and the driveways around here.
Can't wait for more!! My body is starting to feel the mauling of the snow blower and the wear and tear on the 4 wheeler, with just a little clean up with the snow shovel, but hey it is winter in Wyoming ain't it!! Yea haw!!

Till the next update and maybe more snow stay warm and safe and stay in touch with the web-pages and the emails..

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Jerry Yeend to the rescue!!

Jerry our neighbor to the south and west of us showed up with a 4 wheel drive backhoe to plow out the neighbor hood from our house to the stock yard fence.. It is a monumental task to move the crusted and heavy snow with a plow so with the frontend loader he has moved a bunch of snow into a really big pile!!
I am hoping the neighbors that are impacted by this act of kindness are as appreciative as I am, as it is nice not to have the garbage truck, mail lady, UPS driver and whom ever else finds that this 'deadend' street that they won't get stuck or struggle as it is now plowed!!

Way to go Jerry!!!

Too bad the city of Laramie's front end loader operator that has 'driven' here twice couldn't have done the same thing with the taxpayers money instead of a what a good neighbor has done instead..

Maybe a phone call to city hall is in order!!


Well the weather guesser's are starting to prove to me they might be right!! It is snowing lightly but according to what they are saying we are to get 1-3 inches today with 3-7 overnight and 2-4 tomorrow!!
With that in mind I moved the 'black' car and dug out the 4wheeler trailer just in case I have to go move some snow over at Vern and Norma's house tomorrow!! I also have the pickup truck ready to go and the 4 wheeler (which won't start by the way with the battery but the pull starter work's) rechained and ready...
I threw a chain yesterday moving some snow from the entryway's of the driveways here in the neighborhood.. Luckily I found it without shoveling any snow so hopefully it will stay on for this next onslaught!!
So I am cooking rib's on the grill and made some 'deer' jerkey with a smoked chicken planned for this weekend to make some 'potpies' for later in the week!!

So let er snow and hopefully everyone will be home warm and safe!!

Powder River let er Snow!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Is it true that another major snow storm is on the way? The weather guesser aren't sure YET but they are saying to be ready anyway!! What a great job to have, everything is great even if you are wrong and the pay is still the same!!

Today here in Laramie it was very windy and therefore semi-warm but the snow just moved from one area to another and it is hard packed!! The end of Eberhart is unpassable with drifts of 5-7 feet high and about 20-30 feet long so I am not even gonna try and blade it with the 4-wheeler. I can't wait for more snow to show up!! Powder River let er snow!!

Got 1 xmas present partially exchanged today (they didn't have the next size up) but it can be ordered and will be here after the 1st of January. Same record same song but that is o.k. cuz they are really great boots so I will wait for them..

I even got my new eyeglass lens for my frames so now things aren't like looking thru the shower doors.. Yeah!!

With Becky safely in Boise visiting the T-man and his parents it is quiet around here but sometimes that is eerie but I am glad she is visiting the Kiddo's while they are home for the week.

Till the next update have a great week and hopefully The Kiddo's in Denver will hopefully get their xmas boxes (they were sent on tuesday the 19th) before the next 'blizzard'..

Friday, December 22, 2006

Bobbie, Bo, and Bukka came over to visit Becky and Myself this evening and you can see he is really friendly!! With Bobbie helping to hold him still enough to get his photo taken ( one that isn't a blur) you can see he is quite a handfull!! Checking out the smells from the other dogs that have visited our humble abode kept him busy for quite a while!!
I am wondering if they are trying to tell me that it about time to get a replacement for Molly!!
Holy cow a puppy!! Help me!!

These photos are of the backyard after what the news people have called our storm as the "blizzard of 2006".. I finally got home after my loving wife did most of the shoveling/plowing in the front driveway so I got some action in on the back yard!! That is of course after I dug the snow blower out of the shed with the drifts in front of the door!! Always a little too late and a dollar short around here you know!! With the trusty yard stick showing a cool 31 inches to the top of the drift it proves that we did has some snow to remove!!
Just for info the drifts in the front yard were bigger, but as usual I don't have proof, but believe me my back and arms will prove it as true!!

I got the neighbors driveways and street fronts plowed also so it was a full day of snow shuffling before the next storm shows up..

By the way it was rather difficult getting around from our address to the highway but hey it was the first day of winter wasn't it!!

Merry xmas and I am sure Santa will use his sleigh and reindeer this year!!

Ho!! HO!! HO!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

As I mentioned in an earlier blog about Becky's award here is the photo of the people that presented the award and the receiver's of the award!
From (left to right)are Gretta Boley,deputy regional forester,Diane Chung, deputy forest supervisor and Mary Peterson, forest supervisor for the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests and Thunder Basin National Grassland, and Greg Griffith, action deputy regional forester. On the Right is Regional Forester Rick Cables with Becky and Her Boss Lori Kelly holding their Etched vases with a Ponderosa pine tree in them.
Good Job Becky and Lori!!

Just when you thought that the weather and the temperatures were suppose to get better, we'll guess again!! Here is Becky loading up with coffee for work with the temperature at a balmy -7!! With her office unpredictable on what temperature it is suppose to be she is layering clothes with a sweater and a long sleeve shirt under that just in case the temp's shift! Tomorrow (I will be going to work of course) the weather guessers are predicting lots of snow and a winter storm watch is in effect.

I only hope the xmas packages get to Denver before the big snow event!!

You got to love wintertime in the rockies!!

Monday, December 18, 2006


That is how the shopping went... It was a one stop (at the mega-store) here in town and believe it or not everything that I wanted to get was there. Granted there was a few "asked" for items not there but I would imagine I would have to go to a major big city to find those. So that means it was basic and down to the point with what I got.. Now if the USPS does it's part they should arrive in time for Santa to put them under the tree..
Some "goodies" will get 'found' on xmas day as the big silver airplane leaves for Boise and wrapped presents are not very welcome at the airport so Santa's helper will go shopping in the Major city for those who live where the big plane is going..
With that I can now relax a little bit!! If I could only think of what Mrs Santa wants it would be a perfect ending to a perfect day!!


I still haven't finished my shopping and alas I have to go tonight or the "goodies" won't get delivered in time for xmas!! I know better than to wait till the last day's but I am having a tough time getting motivated to go shopping!! Maybe it is the Bah Humbug germ that is going around..
The weather has turned cold (-5.1) this morning with the ugly blow snow moving around with the wind so It isn't the weather's fault that I am not in the xmas spirit.
I have been making some xmas snacks and such but that hasn't helped either so I best get going huh!!
Looks like tonight after our "award winning Mom/Grandma/wife Becky" gets home from work I think We will venture out and see about what we can find. I hope you all viewed Becky's blog and learned of the great award that the USFS bestowed on her and believe me she earned it. So check out her site to see the great time she had In Denver last week.
I appreciate everyone updating their web pages so I guess I need to keep updating mine too so keep up the good work and remember only 1 week left till the big red guy with a beard like mine shows up and says HO HO HO Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Here is what the house looks like lit up with the "retro" otherwise known as large light bulbs on the eve's of the house!!
Becky purchased this nice wreath at work and it sure adds to the festive look at 422 Eberhart!!
Well here is the old fake tree set up in the living room!! Becky aka wife/mom/grandma/aunt/great aunt/sister/daughter wanted me to post a picture of the "tree"!!! So here it is..

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Today is suppose to be the pick of the litter (according to the weather guessers) so I decided to get the outside lights up.. With the wind speed the same as the temperature 25 degrees with gusts to 33 but alas it got done. The hooks on the unpainted eve's sure help to make the job easier. Now comes the fun part putting up the fake tree.. moving furniture, and hoping that the lights all work!! merry xmas!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Update on watching the Denver Bronco's Game

I didn't get a chance to watch the entire game as the line-ups picked up and the phone rang at 3am for a 4:40 call!! From the sounds of thing the second half was a disaster so at least I watch the "rookie" for the first half without too many miscues!!
I don't think I will run out and buy a #6 jersey just yet!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Here is a group photos of the three Grandkids being nice!! I wonder if they think only being nice for a little while before Christmas means that they might get presents from Santa?? Only Santa knows who's been naughty or nice during the year, so hope for the best Amber, Abby, and Ally!!! (I am sure your Mom and Dad have been watching and keeping track of who's been good too)

Maybe this is where these Little Munchkins will be hiding on Christmas eve when Santa wants to come and load up the tree!! Better be in bed so he will show up!!

Thanks for the great pictures JB and Angie!!
Our little reindeer is sure beautiful!!

Sunday Night in Green River

This is different this trip cuz it is also Sunday Night Football with The Denver Bronco's playing a must win game with the new kid on the block Jay Cutler!! The channel 9 news web page says that the #6 jersey is selling fast so you never know maybe after tonight Tyler might have to get one to keep the good luck going!!

Go Bronco's now if I can only stay up and watch it without worrying about whether the trains will pickup time on the line-up's... You never know!!