Monday, November 27, 2006


My wife and myself had a great evening with a tossed salad, grilled chicken and spiced up corn It was as good as any place in town we could have visited!!

With My wife's birthday coming up tomorrow and our 9th anniversary on the same day we celebrated this evening (her schedule and mine have us working) but hey it makes it just as nice a day early as it would been a day late!! With the weather changing it might be an interesting couple of days anyway!!

With the thanksgiving holiday giving us a break of my not having to worry about missing work(albiet I took a Personal day off to enjoy the time off) it gave us a chance to enjoy each other at the cabin and at home. We pretty much enjoy our normal routine!!

With the new laptop computer's that we treated ourselves for our birthdays plus all the extras ( cases, and all the new types of cd/dvd discs we need) it has been a really great windfall of needed items for our birthdays to use several years past this birthday.

I purchased several photo frames plus HP photo paper to make some wall hangings in our cabin in the mountains with it's bare wall's so please feel free to send either myself or Becky some great photo's that would look great in the free air of the mountain cabin!!

So with that I hope to receive some photo Idea's for her birthday present to hang on the wall and I appreciate you all for updating your web pages so we can continue to see the grandkids (and parents) growing up in front of our eyes!! I do realize all of your busy schedule's so it make's it even more special to see the changes that you publish on your sites...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Here is Jim carving the 'bird' for our feast on turkey day!! In the background you can see Granny and Pa enjoying the grandkids and greatgrand kids. Becky, Bonnie Jim and myself all teamed up to get the windows in the background trimmed out with 2 coats of finish on them all accomplished on a scaffolding adding a little bit of challenge to the project.
We also got an entryway/ dining room tile floor layed at our cabin plus a wall finished on Bonnie's cabin so it was an action filled weekend for all..

While the photo is not very good with the sun shining in from the windows of Bonnie and Jim's cabin we enjoyed a full course turkey dinner with this group of cooks all lending a hand in the preperation!! Here is Bonnie, Becky, Kelsey, and Bobbie all slaving away at getting everything made just in time to eat. On the edge you can just barely see the turkey carver (Jim)! It was a great meal with left overs for the whole weekend. Which was a good thing because we stayed at our cabin 3 nights and 3 1/2 days working on both cabins/houses.. Great work accomplished and great food-- It doesn't get any better that that.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


This is Abby taking a 'snooze' break before we wisked them off to the hotel for the evening. It is amazing where and when they can go to sleep.. Wish I could do that but we won't mention names on who else took a nap on that same couch!! Yuck yuck!!

Here Is a couple of photo's from our last visit to Denver of Dad and baby Alana! It was pretty early for us but it looked like dad was up a lot earlier 'visiting' with Ally before we got there!! Way to go dad!! After a couple of days with the young ones it gives me a new perspective and how tough a job it is raising kids.. Keep up the good work and remember when they get older all you have to do then is worry!!! ha ha

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Vacation Is over and yes it was way too short!! Now I will have to wait for next years choices and see what I get..

Just in time to go back to work, Old Man Winter has set in here at Laramie.. With just enough snow on the ground to create havoc on the highways and high wind (50-70 mph gusts) made life really miserable for those who had to be on the highways. This morning's low was in the 1-3 degree mark so It isn't much fun being outside.

With the holidays fast approaching it is time to think about the "wish lists" for the grandbabies!!
Sorry about all you kiddo's out there but you will just have to get your own loot this year. I feel that the young ones are the ones who enjoy the presents the most anyway. It seems like it is so commercialized that is is just overwhelming to try and please everyone. So I hope you all don't think I am being a Scrooge but I am just being practical this year..

So in keeping with the about my wish list is Nothing, nadda, don't need anything that I can't live without so just enjoy those young ones out there and let the festivities begin!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Well It was a whirlwind weekend starting on Friday morning and ending a couple of hours ago visiting in big 'D' with the grandbabies!! While Amber was visiting her dad for the weekend we did get to visit with her for a little while on friday afternoon, then it was non-stop visiting with Abby and baby Ally!! We started by abducting the two for a night at the new Holiday Inn Select not too far from Mom and Dad's house just in case they needed a 'mom or dad' check but it turned out they were really comfortable with Gramps and Gramma!

While is is quite a different experience having 'babies' around Gramma and myself seemed to provide everything they needed for an evening away for the parents so they could have a night out with Lucien and Martha playing darts in a 'blind draw' game where they made a little money and had a few laughs. They still checked in with the 'Old" people to make sure that the kiddo's were a o.k. but other that that things went according to plan.

With Miss Abby playing with her new Dora the explorer doll and just helping us out with baby Ally we had a very enjoyable night. It was quite a shock to the system getting up at various hours feeding the young one ( with Abby awake telling me the baby needed us) it turned out remarkably well.

The next day we went shopping for new shoes for Abby at JC Penneys (a mere 10-12 mile drive to find one in Denver) but we found one in the Aurora Mall and they just happened to have Dora the explorer tennis shoes ( this marketing plan is sure working for that brand ) plus they just happened to have Dora slippers so with those stashed in the stroller with baby Ally and carrying Abby with proceeded to go get a few items at the friendly Wal-Mart.. Boy is it a challenge to have 2 youngs ones doing what I am used to doing by myself but hey it was a success and we then delivered the "goods" to the parents house and then back to the hotel for a needed nap and a quick dip in the hot tub/swimming pool !!

Rejuvinated once again we went back to the house for a great meal of homemade chili and hotdogs but alas Gramps faded fast and we retreated to the hotel for an early night!! Gramma stayed up knitting but it sure didn't bother my sleep none!!

We returned home a while ago and we faced snow/rain in Denver then in Wyoming we faced snow and slick spots but it was uneventful none the less.

What a vacation weekend Kids so thanks for the hospitality and the great food. Hopefully we can get up there or vice-a-versa to see how big the kids get...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We'll it is election day and thank goodness we still use the old fashion fill in the oval to vote for whomever!! Those electronic voting machines sound like they are having all sorts of problems all over the country.

Whatever I did to my old blog Wyoming Bean's must of been fatal cuz it no longer works for me so I will use this post address for my site from now on. Sorry about the changes but I tried to correct it along with Cody's ideas but it didn't work. Thanks Cody anyway..

On an earlier post I explained my next 3 days of vacation well I have to admit that I suffered from "old timers disease" because I thought I had a dentist appointment on wednesday but my lovely wife looked at the cards with the info on them and they were only 15 minutes apart on friday. Needless to say the dentist couldn't reschedule until Jan 5th so being a railroader I seriously doubt that that will happen too!!

Oh well life goes on!!

Smile and just think the wind is only blowing 30-50 mph today.. Yuck

Monday, November 06, 2006

It is monday night with a football game on ESPN and the one good thing about this is there won't be too many political commercials!! I am really sick of this negative s*** slinging and thank golly it will be election day maybe it will end until next year..

I will start my vacation tomorrow at midnight and there for a while I wasn't sure I was gonna be in long enough to start it on schedule but I had a little faith in the train lineups dropping off and right now it looks like that will be the story..

I have a really interesting first 3 days of vacation with a dentist appointment on wednesday morning then a doctors appointment on friday morning (blood draw on thursday).. Then Becky and myself get a weekend to spend with the 3 grandgirls in Denver. We were asked to watch the girls on friday night so the mom and dad could get an evening out but it took some tough arm twisting from JB to get Becky to agree to it.. About 2 nanoseconds about did it so now we will take the crib and some toys down to play with miss Abby and little Ally.
Saturday will include swimming and I am sure a little shopping and some b'fast and lunch.

Maybe mom and dad will have us over for dinner so you never know for sure.

I will haul down some deer and elk for Angie to try as she has never tried it before so that means she probably won't like it but hey it is worth a try..

So with that I close and hopefully everyone that matters to me will be reading this new blog as I haven't figured out how to log on to my old site 'wyoming bean's'

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Well I swapped over to the new Beta version of blogger and low and behold I no longer can update my old site Wyoming Bean's so I had to create a new site with the old version of blogger and it's new name is The New Wyoming Bean's!! Hopefully this will work and if I get the (old new) site working again I will let everyone know by e-mail.

Now all I have to do is get the camera out and get the old mind working for a few words and I can start blogging again.