Sunday, May 20, 2007


I couldn't waste a day with some good weather to not continue what I have started in my quest to finish the painting of the house.. So with weak and tired arms I finished the east side and got the back of the house sanded and primed before the wind and rain threatened.. Now when I return from my next trip to Green River the weather guessers are calling for rain/snow and hail so my project might get delayed until my vacation after Memorial Day!!

Hopefully summer will show up and then with the needed chores done I can concentrate on fishing and playing in the mountains!! Time will tell if that will happen but a man can dream can't he!!

Soon I will have the camera back so I can add a few photo's so until then lets hope for fair weather and good sky's..


Well the weather has been a huge factor in the paint planning as of late. I did manage to get up early yesterday and get the rest of the front finished. With sanding of the weathered places and 2 coats of primer along with 1 coat of paint it made for a long day. I then started to work on the east side of the house and got 1/3 of it done before the wind/rain came in and allowed me a much needed break..

It will be a lot slower today finishing the east side account of my legs and arms are sore/tired and old!! Crawling up the tall ladder and trying to hold the paint can along with the edger and 2 paint brushes kinda does that you know.. I only spilled the can when it was almost empty so that was a big plus on the good side. It took some scrubbing on one of the timbers in the front planter to get the paint off so hopefully it will slowly dissapear and no one will be aware of that screw-up!!

I did get a chance to watch a little Nascar All-Star race and then hit the sack so I can hit it again today..

They are calling for more of the same 'springtime' afternoon storms so I best get it in gear and get going.


Friday, May 18, 2007


Other than I hate to do it this is an update on how the progress is going.. Slowly but surely!! I got the trim boards on the front of the house above the garage door done with the first coat (it looks like I might have to put on a second coat to cover all of the primer) and I also got the garage door painted.. It took quite a bit of paint to do those 2 projects (3/4's of a gallon) but that is one of the biggest area's that I will need to do.

It looks like rain again this afternoon so it is a hit and miss thing on when to start and when to stop painting but hey it is spring time in the rockies..

Tomorrow I will start on the front 'peak' getting it ready for primer and hopefully I can get 1 coat of paint on the rest of the front trim boards if I start early and get it done before the weather change.

I did get the backyard watered (with the rain train) as they say it will get rather chilly next week so I still haven't 'charged' the new sprinkler system yet.

More updates later!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Yesterday I was sprinkling the newly planted garden when I noticed that the radishes were starting to pop their heads up out of the freshly tilled soil!! So hopefully with the weather forecast calling for sunny skies and warmer days with cool night time temperatures the other crops will follow suit.. That only means that now the time eating chores of weeding and thinning begin.. Hopefully it will be worth it when we get to go harvest 'fresh' veggies when they are needed and not sitting in the frig drawer wilting and going bad waiting to be used.

Have started priming and painting the trim and garage door on the house (about time as I have been putting in off for 3 years now).. It is going pretty good with only a few 'oops' to clean up. With the new waterbase paints now available it helps on the clean up of the 'tools' which helps a lot!!

Monday, May 14, 2007


Spring time brings out spring fever a little later than the lower lands but boy when it hits it sure is welcome.. The Lilac bush is about to burst out in flowers as is the flowering crab tree in the front yard. Also the dandilions are out in full force too!!.
I recently planted the 'root' crops of onions, radishes,carrots,lettuce and swiss chard so now I hope the weather will stay warm enough to let them germinate and get a good start before Memorial day which is when I usually start planting the squash, zuccinni, and spagetti squash which I have started indoors. I had to transplant the latter into bigger 'peat' pots so I am hoping they will come out of the transplant shock that they are in right now.
The tomatoes that I got from Becky on her last trip to Boise already have been 'repotted' into their bigger pots so all I have to do is 'harden' them and put them out when the frost is gone. When that is is a guess, so you just hope that the weather and hail will leave them alone.
I have mowed the grass 5 times already so that must mean the fertilizer I used worked. I hope that will slow down here when the weather get warmer but you never know.
The bigger trees both in the back and front yard are getting their leaves so barring any heavy spring snow they should weather just fine till fall.

Sprintime in the rockies!! You got to love it

Sunday, May 06, 2007

No new photo's just an update!!

1 week down since the bike accident and she is doing really good!! She has taken the Dr's advice very seriously and not used the wounded limb at all and she has kept it elevated and everything!! It is amazing what a woman will do to go visit a new grandbaby!! With the 'check-up" tomorrow morning we will know about how the fracture is doing and whether surgery is needed to fix it or not!! With the way she has behaved I believe it will be just a new cast and lots of time to heal but you never know till the xrays are in!!
I will continue to update you all on the results but I will be at work for a couple of days so be patient and you can read all about it later..