Sunday, January 30, 2011

If you look really close at the skyline you will see a bull moose and a cow moose spending the evening above the cabins grazing on whatever they can find to eat!! Becky was going down to let out the Noel's dogs while they were gone and came back to the cabin and said ""MOOSE"" and sure enough there they were!! They have to be really tough living under these conditions with knee deep snow!! And I think I have it tough in the yards with a foot of snow to trudge through!!

This is the snow pile that Jim and Bonnie created plowing out the entrance to Becky's cabin!! Thanks guys hope you get the new tractor with the snow blower next year to make the work easier! We appreciated driving up to the entrance to spent the weekend doing nothing but chilling out and enjoying the scenery!!

Took Becky and myself 2 hours to shovel into the cabin, up the 9 steps and into the front door!! pretty impressive Huh!!

This is a photo out the kitchen window looking at the side deck!! Higher than the railing!! the other one is sneaking a peak from the front to the kitchen side to show the different contrast!!
Can't wait to shovel that pile!! Oh boy

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Denver Bean Grandkids visited this weekend and boy was it kinda busy. With the usual cold and windy weather that comes in late January we found a few things in and out to do!! The most fun was the Rec Center swimming pool but no photo's of that!! Here the little one's wanted the red wagon out of the shed!! Yeah right as the snow is hard and packed!! Then they thought about the Sand Box!! Yeah right it is froze hard as a Rock!! Then after a trip to the Knit shop With Gramma Beck they had a chip/dip snack and started to learn the fine art of knitting with the Master Knitter Becky!! While Ally is a tad young yet the older Amber and Abby seem to enjoy it!! I hope they will continue with it in their lives as it appears they might enjoy it!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

After I posted a photo this fall about the flowering crab and the fruit that it made Jeanne said the birds would love me for it this winter!! Hah the resident squirrel is loving them!! If you look closely in front of the red car in the branches he/she is munching down on them!! When I opened the door to get a closer photo off he/she went!!

This is an update to this blog to let everyone know the squirrel was back again today and he got every last apple from the tree. He is very active jumping from branch to branch.. They aren't very sturdy branches but I never seen him fall!!

They fit!! and they work too.. They make strange noises compared to the old one's but if they get the clothes clean that is all that matters!!
Almost done with the room. Tonight I will get it finished!! Yeah

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Started the Laundry room!! Going to add a new washing machine and a dryer with new paint on the walls too!! here is a look at the empty place for the new one's waiting in the room ready to go to work for the next 20 years at least I hope..

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Alot of you guys didn't have a white xmas but this is the storm that dumped a foot of snow just before Christmas that gave us a very very white Xmas!! Ho Ho Ho!!!
Santa had a soft landing on our roof with the snow that is still left!

Christmas 2010 at the Bean's residence on Eberhart St! -9 below with beautiful frost covering everything that it could cling too.. Even the radio antenna's on the cars were pretty white!!
Hope Santa was as good to you as he was to our family this year! Looking forward to the new year of 2011!! Fresh start and hopefully not as eventful as this year was for us!!

Merry xmas to you all

Sunday, December 19, 2010

They turned out brown and Juicy and they taste and smell great!! I'm impressed at the speed and the ease that this new grill has!! Oh boy what will I cook next?

Ready to go on the grate!! In a little over an hour when they reach 180 degrees I will have smoked chickens!! Oh boy!!

While I was hanging around True Value for the Hometown Holiday Hurrah I had time to look at everything in the store for 2 1/2 hours so I got the urge to buy a new grill/smoker so I bought this traeger one! I'm going to get it yucky with 2 chickens this afternoon so I hope it works as good as they say it does!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The interior of the mission and it's many attractions!!

We went to 2 Missions where they have preserved the way they were many years earlier!

The ceiling and walls still have the original painting!

Notice the airplane in the brilliant blue sky to the left of the church steeple!

On the left of the church building is a bell in the tower with a rope leading to the anteroom to be used to celebrate or warn of danger!!

These photo's are of the Alamo!
The long building which held most of the Mexicans and some Americans during the siege of 13 days.
This ancient Oak tree still lives inside the complex!
And of course the front view of the ALAMO!

Some more photo's from our trip to Texas!!
These are from the Riverwalk not far from the Alamo.
Jeanne and Marcel watching the water.
A nice waterfall with a great sound to it.
And lastly a Duck found peace and quiet from the boats on a ledge of flowers!